Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese - Tenant News
Average Cap Rate Trend
12 mo avg with 10+ yr lease term (*Please Note Data Points Are Approximated & Based On Opinion*)
Average Sale Data & Lease Structure
Avg. Sale Price$4,250,000
Avg. Annual Rental Income$300,000
Avg. Price/SF$425/SF
Typical Lease TypeTriple Net
Typical Lease Term20 Years
Typical Lease Escalations10% Every 5 Years
Credit Rating
S & PN/A

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Tenant Description

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a chain of American family entertainment centers and restaurants. Its first located opened in May of 1977 in San Jose, and it is currently headquartered in Irving, TX. The chain is the primary brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc. COVID 19 put significant financial strain on the company, and CEC Entertainment filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11 in the Southern District of Texas in June of 2020.

What To Look For When Buying A Chuck E Cheese

Real Estate Quality

What We Like About Chuck E Cheese

Great Brand Recognition


Dave & Busters

What Is Sold In A Chuck E Cheese

The establishment serves pizza and other menu items, complemented by arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays as a focus of family entertainment

Chuck E Cheese Website

Corporate Office Location

1707 Market Place Blvd., Suite 200 – Irving, TX 75063 USA.

Fast Facts

Founder Nolan Bushnell

Chuck E Cheese – Tenant News

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