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Average Cap Rate Trend
12 mo avg with 10+ yr lease term (*Please Note Data Points Are Approximated & Based On Opinion*)
Average Sale Data & Lease Structure
Avg. Sale Price$3,750,000
Avg. Annual Rent$230,000
Avg. Price/SF$400/SF
Typical Lease TypeDouble Net
Typical Lease Term15 Years
Typical Lease Escalations10% Every 5 Years
Credit Rating

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Tenant Description

DaVita is the leading provider of kidney care in the US, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease. DaVita Kidney Care consistently differentiates itself from other kidney care companies and surpasses national averages for clinical outcomes.

The company’s clinical outcomes for dialysis have improved for the past decade, and in many key areas measuring quality dialysis care, DaVita leads the nation.

What To Look For When Buying A Davita

Some NN leases holds landlord responsible for roof and structure
Expensive to re-lease should the tenant leave

What We Like About Davita

Corporate guaranty
NNN leases
to hospitals and medical officesInterrnet Proof



What Is Sold In A Davita

Dialysis Treatment

Davita Website


Corporate Office Location

2000 16th Street – Denver, CO 80202

Fast Facts

As the population in the United States ages, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease will rise according to a report published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease. Adults, ages 30 and older, who have CKD is projected to increase from the current 13.2% to 14.4% in 2020, and 16.7% in 2030. These projections continue to support the demand for dialysis centers and the growth in this industry.

As of December 31, 2016, DaVita Kidney Care operated or provided administrative services at 2,350 outpatient dialysis centers located in the United States serving approximately 188,000 patients. The company also operated 154 outpatient dialysis centers located in 11 countries outside the United States.

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